NeS1 Post 620 opens with Krig the Writer inside his closet, still writing. In the alternate reality, from where Antestarr the Writer broke the dimensions, the alternate Krig the Writer is still sitting forlornly in a police car. In the Story Realm, however, the Characters are at Ares' Colosseum and there is now an Arena battle in progress between The Jolly Green Giant and Godzilla. Semievil questions whether the owners are allowed to use the Arena when the heroes are away, while Otter is just surprised that the Arena is actually still standing. Otter desperately wants to watch the fight and so he rushes to the arena. He dropkicks the ticket attendant when he asks for their tickets and they pile into the colosseum.


*Krig the Writer sits in his closet, hunched over his notepad, feverishly writing. He has no other option, if he stops writing, he may go insane...*


*Meanwhile, in the alternate reality in which Antestarr the Writer creates and alternate reality, Krig the Writer sits melancholily crammed into the back of a police car with six or more people.*


*Meanwhile, in the storyline, our heroes have exited the shack with the television and are standing before the massive ediface that is the Arena.*

Ante:"Weren't we in some kind of amusment park before we got sucked into the TV?"

Geb:"I'm not sure, but I think the writers messing with dimensions and crap has brought us back to the Arena. Although I don't remember it being quite like this."

*The heroes look up to a sign standing outside the Arena's main entrance. It reads: "For One Night ONLY: The Jolly Green Giant[Ext 1] vs. GODZILLA[Ext 2]!!"*

Sem:"I wasn't aware that the Arena owners were allowed to rent the Arena out while we were gone..."

Otter:"I wasn't aware that the Arena was still standing."

*From within the Arena, a reverberating "HO HO HO" can be heard, interspersed with unholy shrieking and the sounds of lasers, fire-breathing, and various other superpowers. Inside, the roar of the crowd swells, and the ground shakes.*

Otter:"I dunno about you guys, but I wanna see this fight!"

*The Otter runs into the Arena, drop kicking the ticket guy in the head when asked for his ticket. The others follow, also eager to see what has been billed as "The Big Green Fight of the Decade!"*

What will happen to our heroic heroes? Will they get good seats, or will they be stuck with awful ones near the rafters? Will our writers succumb to the madness that is sure to follow the messing around with dimensions? Only I know that, and I'm not tellin'!


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