In NeS1 Post 618, the Writers were all transformed into anime characters bar Krig the Writer. Now, in NeS1 Post 619, Krig the Writer gazes upon the disproportioned Writers with horror and runs away to hide in a closet. There he takes out a notebook to continue writing The Never-ending Story. The Characters find themselves in a blank void because someone has turned off the television in the Writers' Realm. In the distance, however, they spy the Holy Hand Remote and rush to it. Krig the Viking, however, if first to it and despite being told not to push any buttons, he pushes one at random. They are instantly transported back to the Arena of Ares' Colosseum. Though the Narrator was arrested in NeS1 Post 614, he now finds himself free.


*Krig the writer stands dazed as his fellow story writers morph into rather frightening, bizarrly coloured, heavily weaponed cartoon figures.*

Krig the Writer:"Um..."

*Krig the Writer runs away and hides in a closet. Finding himself bored, he whips out a notepad and continues the story storyline, which seems to have been largely forgotten...*

**** ******* ****

The powerful group of heroes stands in a dark void. The only thing visible is the heroes, everything else is a pitch black void.

Maybe:"Where are we?"

Geb:"I'm not sure, but I think someone's turned off the television."

Otter:"Which would explain the lack of background! Of course!"

Sem:"Hey, what's that off in the distance? Can it be... is it... it IS!"

Geb:"We've found it! THE HOLY HAND REMOTE!"

Maybe:"Didn't that get destroyed a while back?"

Geb:"Well, if it's not the HHR, it's a remote just like it!"

*Our heroes take off running, through the inky blackness. Despite the fact that Krig's legs were the shortest of the group, and when he runs he looks like a duck, Krig reaches the HHR first.*

Krig:"Krig got it!"

Geb:"Wait Krig, don't push any of the buttons!"

*Krig pushes a random button.*


*There is a lot of flashy special effects, which clear to reveal our heroes standing in front of a small television set in a small wooden shack.*

Geb:"Can it be? Are we finally free of the television?"

Randy:"Woa, so this is what reality's like, eh?"

Losien:"Hey, guys, where are we?"

*Ante looks out of the shacks small window.*

Ante:"We're back at the Arena, guys! Does that place follow us around or something?"

Well, I'm not entirely sure how I got out of that police car, but hey! Things are starting to happen here at the Never Ending Story! Stay tuned for more earth-shaking revelations, right below here!

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