In NeS1 Post 614, the heroes find themselves in a blank void and feel, within themselves, an indescribable emptiness. Then Antestarr senses that the Writers are all gone, save for one. In the Writers' Realm, the Writers are all being arrested by the police officer from NeS1 Post 613, except Losien the Writer, who seems to have been overlooked. Antestarr the Writer is angry with himself for returning to the Massassi Temple Offices instead of remaining in the second building, two-thousand miles away, in NeS1 Post 609. Losien the Writer is now the only Writer left to continue the Story. The Narrator is then also arrested for being associated with the Writers.


(NSP: Good stuff Masetto. Her'es a REAL short thing, but I hope inspires someone else...)

*In the realm of our heroes, Geb and company find themselves in a vast void. Literally: the undescribable in a boring kind of way type. Our hereos find themselves feeling undescribable and empty as well.*

Geb: Well, at least we're not frozen anymore...

Otter: Yeah, but what the hell is going to happen now? I can't even decide what to do, like I have no free will. Wa-a-heeeeeyta minute...

Ante: Ruh-roh.

Sem: Ruh-roh? Don't say that! That doens't sound like a good thing.

Ante: Can you feel it...?

Sem: Eeep! The presence of the writers! They're...gone!. Except for...*gasp* Sh**!


*Outside the Massassi's forum offices, Gebohq, Otter, Semievil, Maybechild, Randy, Krig, and Antestarr are being handcuffed and walked to the police cars as they are read their rights.*

Ante: I knew I shouldn't have left that secondary office 2,000 miles away! At least I'm not wearing the frilly outfit...

Officer: Stop your whining!

*Gebohq looks up to the windows to see Losien waving them a cheerful goodbye, as if they're going on some vacation. Gebohq thinks to himself "Uh-oh, she's going to be the only one for now writing for the Neverending Soty Thread. This isn't good..."*

*Inside the offices, Losien looks at her computer with deep thought, thinking what would be best for the story...*

What will happen to our heroes under the hands of Loien, now burdened with the weight of the entire thread? What will happen to the writers? Why--hey! Let Go of me! I didn't do anything wrong! Arrest by association? That's ridiculous...Tune in next time folks! I'm waiting to find the answers myself! *gets dragged off by the same police who arrested the writers*

(NSP: OK, so maybe a tad longer than short...)


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