NeS1 Post 608 opens with a brief Non-Story Note wherein MaybeChild the Writer realises she forgot to detail the fancy clothes she made so Gebohq the Writer got the style wrong in NeS1 Post 607. She has dressed them in 18th Century fop costumes, with plumed hats and high-heeled shoes. Otter the Writer complains that people will laugh at him while Semievil333 the Writer wants something in black. Masetto the Writer, however, admits he likes it. Semievil333 the Writer and Otter the Writer, as well as Krig the Writer, had all jumped out of the window in the previous post but have reappeared here. This is pointed out by Gebohq the Writer in NeS1 Post 610.


NSP: Sink me! I forgot to say what exactly you guys were wearing, therefore you all mistakenly took my meaning to be Prince-ish[Ext 1].

*Still in the offices*

MaybeChild, admiring the work of her musical fop-o-matic, grins at the guys in front of her, dressed in full frou-frou and looking quite dashing in their pastel animal print frock coats with matching-colored breeches, high-heeled 18th century shoes, plumed hats, and really frilly jabots (ruffly kind of things that take the place of a cravat).

Geb: er, Maybe....

Otter: People are gonna laugh at me!

Sem: They don't already? Maybe, couldn't you have given me something in black?

Maybe: La! how frightfully drab!

Masetto: Actually, I quite like this look. It's rather... Summery!

Maybe: Does he scare anyone else?


Britt's Commentary

"Masetto the Writer's line is from the Scarlet Pimpernel musical[Ext 2]." ~ Britt the Writer


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