In NeS1 Post 605 Gebohq the Writer has a sudden idea on how to progress the Story. The other Writers all perk up with interest but, all of a sudden, the spark is gone and he can't remember it. Everyone, dejected, returns to what they were doing before.


Geb the writer: Eureaka! I have the most brilliant idea for the next episode!

*The other writers jump up, exclaiming "what?" and "tell us". Geb continues to stand upright, with his finger pointed in the sky, as if to speak, but his mouth stays open as he tries to utter words. His eyes then start to wonder, as if trying to find something. He relaxes his body and takes the finger pointing at teh sky and places it on his chin.*

Geb the writer: I had the idea just a moment ago...don't ja hate when that happens?

*The others sigh, and continue to go about their business.*

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