In NeS1 Post 602, Antestarr, still on the beach of Costa Del Sol, suddenly wonders what he's doing. He is still wearing a trenchcoat and he abhors the company of other people and his long lost love, the only woman in his affections, is dead and buried behind a waterfall - the backstory to the character of Vincent Valentine. He resumes his persona as Vincent Valentine but suddenly MaybeChild rushes up and, after announcing her attack à la Tifa Lockhart, and boots him in the head. But in the Writers' Realm a second PlayStation console is connected to the television, which results in the Final Fantasy VII setting merging with another Role-Playing Game, Lunar: Eternal Blue. The villain of that game, Zophar, arrives and threatens destruction upon Video Game Land and the heroes.


*Ante, whilst lounging on a beach sipping a drink from a coconut shell, realizes something is amiss...*

Ante:... Wait a minute... I'm on a beach wearing a long trenchcoat (reminicsent of Vash the Stampede[Ext 1]), relaxing when I actually prefer the company of a gun to that of a person, and looking at women when the only woman[Ext 2] my character would have ever looked at in this way is dead and buried somewhere behind a waterfall[Ext 3]... oops.

*Ante quickly regains his composure and takes on the persona of the cool-under-pressure homicidal maniac aka Vincent[Ext 4]. Suddenly Maybe rushes onto the beach after following the trail of burnt grass and trampled monsters, followed by the other party members.*

Maybe: *announcing attack* "BOOT TO THE HEAD!"


Ante: Ow! You booted me in the head! *cocks gun* I'd like to see you try that on me again!



Ante: OW!!! Stop that!

*As the others stare dumbfounded, Ante takes multiple boots to the head. Meanwhile, in the semi-real world outside of the TV a strange event happens. Through a mis-wiring of a second Playstation[Ext 5] to the televison, the world of FF7[Ext 6] crosses with another world, somewhat similar, just as dangerous... A large black cylinder lowers from the sky over the ocean near the coastal town, sucks up Emerald Weapon and eats it, absorbing its power, and grows a face. It begins to taunt the heroes mercilessly.*

Large cylindrical grey thing with a face: I am ZOPHAR[Ext 7], dark lord of dark lords, bringer of destructive desctruction, head of the department of redundency dept. Cower in fear, for I shall consume your world and reshape it in my own twisted image.

Geb: Uhhh... uh oh....

*Can our heroes possibly beat two RPGs[Ext 8] at the same time? Who is behind this splicing of PS games? Did next Friday actually arrive? Tune in next time...*


Britt's Commentary

"Although acting like Tifa Lockhart[Ext 9], MaybeChild was probably kicking Antestarr in the head for being a sexist pervert, which is in-keeping with her pro-feminist character. Though Antestarr the Writer does not explicitly tell people the video game he is referring to, the villain, Zophar[Ext 7], is from the video game Lunar: Eternal Blue[Ext 10]." ~ Britt the Writer


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