NeS1 Post 601 observes the heroes still travelling towards Costa Del Sol in the wake of Antestarr, who raced off ahead in NeS1 Post 600. Krig the Viking investigates a flower in the grass nearby and a moment later he discovers that the ground seems further away that it used to. He returns to the group who insist that he has grown taller since he has become Barret Wallace, while he is certain that they have all grown smaller. He doesn't believe he can be taller because he has a fear of heights. To rectify the situation, he crouches down so everyone seems taller again. At the end of the post the new Final Fantasy VII narrator gets into a spat with the original Narrator.


*As our heroes continue along the trail of destruction, the city of Costa Del Sol[Ext 1] on the horizon, Krig wanders along beside the group, in the grass. He sees a flower and stops, stooping to pick it up.*

Krig:"Hmm, ground seem farther away than normal. Something funny."

*Krig looks at his own arms*

Krig:"Krig have big arms. Krig like big arms. Big arms help Krig smash."

*Krig approaches the band of semi-heroic heroes, towering over them by at least a foot.*

Krig:"Why Krig's friends so small?"

Geb:"Uh, Krig, we're not small, you're just big."

Krig:"You shorter than Krig shoulder now!"

Maybe:"No, Krig, you're taller now."

Krig:"Ya, Krig taller than friends now. Krig friends shrink!"

Sem:"Yes, Krig, we've all somehow shrunken to less than three feet tall. Think, man! Isn't it more likely that you're bigger, than it is that we're all smaller?"

Krig:"Krig not tall. Ground far away. Krig afraid of heights."

*Krig gets on his hands and knees, in order to keep is acrophobia[Ext 2] in containment.*

Krig:"Ground not far away now. Hey, Krig's friends get taller again! Krig happy now."

*Everyone sighs or otherwise indicates some form of emotion, and turns to head into town.*

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