*As our heroes continue along the trail of destruction, the city of Costa Del Sol on the horizon, Krig wanders along beside the group, in the grass. He sees a flower and stops, stooping to pick it up.*

Krig:"Hmm, ground seem farther away than normal. Something funny."

*Krig looks at his own arms*

Krig:"Krig have big arms. Krig like big arms. Big arms help Krig smash."

*Krig approaches the band of semi-heroic heroes, towering over them by at least a foot.*

Krig:"Why Krig's friends so small?"

Geb:"Uh, Krig, we're not small, you're just big."

Krig:"You shorter than Krig shoulder now!"

Maybe:"No, Krig, you're taller now."

Krig:"Ya, Krig taller than friends now. Krig friends shrink!"

Sem:"Yes, Krig, we've all somehow shrunken to less than three feet tall. Think, man! Isn't it more likely that you're bigger, than it is that we're all smaller?"

Krig:"Krig not tall. Ground far away. Krig afraid of heights."

*Krig gets on his hands and knees, in order to keep is acrophobia in containment.*

Krig:"Ground not far away now. Hey, Krig's friends get taller again! Krig happy now."

*Everyone sighs or otherwise indicates some form of emotion, and turns to head into town.*

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