Rob X, in NeS1 Post 6, uses the distraction of Blobs leaving the Arena in NeS1 Post 5 to sneak up on his opponent Ares. Because Ares is seemingly invulnerable, Rob X makes an ultimate attack - forcing Ares to use three arguably poor products to provide the God an internet service, computer and hosting service.


...everything was in order and after today Ares will never be the same.

RobX: [fire truckin] blobs, bushed back my plans...ggrrrrr...anyway its all ready, now to launch my attack.

{Ok i promise after this little paragraph ill make things more serious} Ares watching the spectators handle the blobs in amusement doesnt notice the shadow creeping behind him.  RobX launches the only attack that could destroy a being such as ares...A TRIPLE THREAT!!! RobX forces Ares to a lifetime of using AOL[Ext 1], haiving to use a mac[Ext 2] and having to post pics with XOOM[Ext 3]...

[okokok yeah that was stupid but i have a serious mental block right now and it just popped into my head. As soon as i get more carbos ill be back 


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