NeS1 Post 5 sees Miss Fire using Galvatron's popcorn to lure the sentient leftovers, which now number in their hundreds after being attacked by Zuljin in NeS1 Post 3, out of the Arena - the blobs being obsessed with tasty snacks.


POPCORN!!! Maybe THAT would get rid of the blobs! Miss Fire grabbed a bag.

Galvatron: Hey that's my popcorn!

Miss Fire: I'll get you some more later

Miss Fire took off with the bag of popcorn and threw it. Off it went, flying clear out of the arena. All the little blobs swarmed like flys after the popcorn.

Little blobs: popcornpopcornpopcornpopcorn...

Soon the arena was cleared of blobs and the fight could continue.

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