NeS1 Post 587 examines the fate of Semievil333 the Writer's computer, which was tossed from a window by Krig the Writer in NeS1 Post 586. After scanning itself for errors, the computer has sent a fax to Johnnie Cochran, an American lawyer, for attempted murder and it wishes to sue for damages.


*Dashed to tiny bits on the concrete, Sem the writer's computer could be found outside the Forum office building. Quietly, a modem connection could be heard from it, and it's screen flickered weakly with the Scandisk[Ext 1] blue screen, not finding any errors. A voice could be heard from it's speakers, crackling.*

"Hello, this is Jonny Cochrane[Ext 2] --oh, this is coming through the fax. Hold on..."

*On the fax, it reads "Invloved in crashes. Attempted murder via thrown out the window. Must sue immediately."

(Yeah, it was a cheap post, and we don't even have to go anywhere with it. I jsut thought it'd be good until we can think of something better at least)


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