In NeS1 Post 586, Krig the Viking is granted the Holy Helmet of Halibut, which he discovers has the power to spew out endless quantities of halibut. Magneto charges at Krig but finds that the helmet responds to the magnetic field around Magneto and suddenly the helmet flies at the supervillain, with Krig flying along with it. Semievil tries to stop Krig by grabbing him but he, and then several other heroes, were all towed along after him too. Antestarr then flies down and uses his wings, as Archangel, to slow the progress of Magneto. However Semievil333 the Writer's choice of wording upsets Krig the Writer as it implies a 'romantic attraction' between Magneto and Krig so the post goes unfinished when Krig the Writer tosses Semievil333 the Writer's computer out of a window.


(Camera pan to narrator)

And it came to pass, that unto them was brought, an artifact of unequaled power, that being the Holy Helmet of Halibut!

(pan back to action)

Krig suddenly finds himself wearing a shiny new helmet, with fish engraved on the outside of it. As Magneto[Ext 1] runs by, the helmet begins to hum softly, and glow like a RainbowBrite[Ext 2] action figure, spewing masses of halibut in the general direction of Magneto. Faced with this new, and threatening threat, he charges Krig, who finds, much to his dismay that the helmet is on backwards. But as Magneto draws near, the helmet gets caught up in the magnetic field surrounding him, and flies towards him, with Krig flailing behind like a windsock behind the concord. Perciving his peril to be more perilous than he had anticipated, Magneto panics and runs away, with Krig flying after him. In a heroic effort to rescue Krig, Sem leaps out and grabs him as he flies by, only to find himself being dragged along too. Likewise Geb, Randy, and Otter grab on, and find themselves in the same prediciment, and finally Ante flies down and spreads out his wings, creating barely enough resistance to stop Magneto from getting away because of his attraction to Krig (Krig the writer: HEY!) err.... rather the unbreakable bond between Krig and Magneto (Krig the writer throws Sem the writer's computer out the window, and ends his posting, at least until he gets his spare set up.)


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