After being unwillingly tagged in to fight in NeS1 Post 57, in NeS1 Post 58 Enchilada Man uses his enchilada bag to throw spicy food at everyone, including Rob X who he tags back in. He rushes off to his spaceship, El Taco-Grande and flies off back to his homeworld Espa-nol.


*Enchilada Man gets up out of his seat, mumbling.*

Enchilada Man: "It's so hard to run with this sombrero on my head!"

*He walks out into the area slowly, and thinks to himself:*

what am I doing out here?! I'm no jedi! I just came here to sell some enchiladas!

*Then it hits him! his enchilada bag! He runs around in tight circles around in the arena. Everyone just watches with contorted expressions on their faces. Enchilada Man pulls out an enchilada and throws it up high. It lands with a splat. He continues in this manner, but now he's throwing them at everyone!*

Enchilada Man: yeeeeha!

*An enchilada hits Rob X square in the chest, making him fall backwards onto an enchilada already on the ground and sliding to the other side of the rink. Enchilada Man tags him*

Enchialda Man: Tag!

*Enchilada Man runs off to his spaceship "El-Taco-Grande" (which looks like a giant taco) and hops past his body guards and into the hatch. His body guards follow him in and close the doors.*

Enchilada Man: I've had a wonderful time, but I've got to go.

*He winks to Miss Fire. She holds up an enchilada in one hand and winks back, giving him a thumbs-up with the other hand. He takes a picture, and uses it for his enchilada web site. His spaceship blasts off to the planet Espa-nol, where he came from.*

the fight now continues!

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