In NeS1 Post 577 the game show they were on now dissolves into static as several other cast members of the X-Men movie appear. Krig asserts that MaybeChild doesn't smell like MaybeChild, which he first noticed in NeS1 Post 573. Wolverine agrees and suddenly attacks her, as he recognises it to be Mystique. The male NeS Heroes then jump on Wolverine to stop him while Mystique turns into a security guard and then beats on everyone.


(Sweet! I just saw X-men[Ext 1] again today! I watched it only hours ago!)

*Just then, the rest of the X-men[Ext 2] flicker into existance. The whole set of Win Ben Stein's Money[Ext 3] turns a sort of flickery, staticky colour.*

Morris the Cat:"Hmm, it looks like the TV's trying to pick up two channels at once."

Wolverine[Ext 4]:"What the... where'd that big hairy Sabretooth[Ext 5] guy go?"

Krig:"Krig not know. Krig stuck in bad place. Place all flashy. Maybe not Maybe."

Wolverine:"Maybe not maybe? What the h*** are you talking about?"

"Krig points at Maybechild."

Krig:"*sniff sniff* Maybe smell funny."

Wolverine:"*sniff sniff* You're right, she does. In fact..."

*Wolverine snikts out his claws, and slashes at Maybe. Geb, Otter, Sem, Ante, and others jump on Wolverine, to stop him from killing the person they think is their friend. Meanwhile, Maybe[Ext 6] gets up, and morphs into a security guard, then wades into the pile of heroes, apparently to stop them from fighting, but in reality to just hurt them a lot.*

Krig:"Why everybody jump on cool hairy guy? Nobody like cool hairy people. Hmpf."

Could this be the end of our heroes? Or will other mildly amusing/gutsplittingly hilarious events occur? Stay tuned!


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