NeS1 Post 573 suddenly opens with a new show, the first X-Men movie. MaybeChild is instantly enthralled and ditches the team to go enter the X-Mansion. Semievil goes after her to retrieve her and finds her in Cerebro's main chamber. He takes her back to the game show but Krig suspects there is something wrong with her when her eyes appear yellow.


{NSP: Hey, Scott, I'm back! Hey everybody, didja miss me? Don't answer that...}

*movie announcer voice*

"In a world that hates and fears them. . ."

*Maybe's ears prick up*

Maybe: X-Men[Ext 1]!!!!

Sem: Oh dear God, NO!!!

*at sight of Hugh Jackman[Ext 2] striding purposefully through Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters[Ext 3], Maybe takes a flying leap into the scene, leaving the rest of her stunned team and Ben Stein[Ext 4] staring helplessly after her*

Sem: *shakes head* I'll be right back. *jumps into X-Men scene* Maybe! MC! Where'd you go? Ni!

Maybe (distantly): IT!

*Sem follows direction of voice and finds Maybe pokin' around in Cerebro's[Ext 5] main computer*

Sem: *grabs Maybe's arm* Come on. . .

*Maybe, who's eyes are suddenly a strange shade of yellow, follows mutely back to the set of Ben Stein's Money*

Krig: *sniff* Maybe?

MaybeChild: ......

Krig (more insistently): Maybe?

[If any of you have actually seen the X-Men movie, could you post next? If not, that's cool, just continue anyway ]


Britt's Commentary

"The yellow eyes at the end of the post suggest that MaybeChild appears to be impersonated by Mystique[Ext 6] based on the movie. However it would turn out to be Morris the Cat in NeS1 Post 578. Although MaybeChild the Writer asks someone to continue this who has seen the movies and would know this reference it isn't continued until NeS1 Post 578 by Krig the Writer." ~ Britt the Writer


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