NeS1 Post 571 begins with MaybeChild reeling from the noise of the Emergency Alert System that started in NeS1 Post 569. This is, however, a plot-hole as NeS1 Post 570 stated that the heroes had entered the Barney & Friends show and Gebohq the Writer would address this in NeS1 Post 572. Morris decides he has tortured them enough and changes the channel again to a game show. Ares' Clone becomes the gameshow host while Losien Simon, Antestarr and Krig the Viking become the contestants. Everyone else takes seats in the audience, which makes Gebohq Simon happy. There then follows an advertisement for male itching cream and after that a short Non-Story Note where Gebohq the Writer suggests the Writers could do more advertisements.


Maybe: Ow, my ears! My ears are bleeding--ohh....psychodelic colors....OW! They're still bleeding...

Morris: OK, enough torture for you all. Let's move on now...

*With his stubby paws, Morris flipps teh channels, and the background of the fighters changes appropriately. Morris stops with a background of a game show with Ben Stein[Ext 1][Ext 1] in it--replaced of course, with Ares' fake clone, and in the booths, Losien, Antestarr, and Krig. The others, including Morris, sit in the audience, watching.

Geb: *in the audience* I'm thinking this channel is strangly fitting for some reason. And whoa! Deja-vu with being in the audience again...

*Geb reaches over for a nacho, but Morris bats his claws at Geb's reaching hand.*

What will happen next? What relevance does this gameshow has to our fighters? And will the bad writers of the world ever be punished? Find out, after these commercials!

Voice: Feeling itchy at those important times, guys?

*Random guy playing a computer game stops to itch his private parts and then throws his fist up at the screen afterwards.*

Voice: Then you need *flash of light* GOLD BOND MALE ITCHING POWDER! It's teh only thing to keep you itch-free, all day long!

*goes to blue screen, with product name, picture, and legalities.*

voice: Buy now! Call our toll-free number at 1-555-ITCH-BE-GONE. Shipping and handling not included, sorry no COD's, offer while supplies last....

NSP: more commercials in the following post perhaps, with more story afterwards?


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