After Galvatron lost his head in a pit of snakes in NeS1 Post 55, in NeS1 Post 56 Enchilada Man tries to help him get it back. After a brief setback, Galvatron sprays poisonous powder into the snake pit to kill the snakes before his arm extends down into the pit to grab his head and retrieve it.


*Galvatron turns off the lemonade, and the spicket returns to the inside of his chest. Enchilada Man looks around a second, feeling akward (sp?) standing in front of a headless body that is still much alive.*

Enchilada Man: Uh, can I get you anything? A drink? A, uh, screwdriver? Sheesh, I feel like I'm in an Inspector Gadget[Ext 1] show here.

*The arm of Galvatron pulls open his chest and punches a couple of buttons, then his hand falls off.*

Galv(from down in the pit): Drat! Wrong button. Hey, Amigo, gimme a hand here.

*Enchilada Man picks up Galv's hand and screws it back on. the hand punches some more buttons, and the chest closes and his shoulders open up, spraying a large amount of powder in the pit. The snakes die instantly, and Galv's arm extends down the pit, picks up the head, zooming up at lightning speed, the head pops back on the neck, and screws back on.*

Enchilada Man: I knew you'd get your head on straight sooner or later.

*Enchilada Man takes some more lemonade and sits back down beside Miss Fire.*


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