In NeS1 Post 55, after dealing with Morris the Cat from NeS1 Post 45, Twin Suns introduces himself to Miss Fire. Then he sees Enchilada Man with Galvatron and a cup and assumes the worst - Galvatron assures everyone it's just lemonade by drinking it. However he's a robot and cannot take liquids so his head blows off an lands in the snake pit.


*Twin Suns walks out from under the bleachers with a large smile on his face, as he walks away you can hear an almost unaudible "meowing" sound*

Twin Suns: That takes care of that

*He looks into the arena at the new fight in progress*

Twin Suns: Interesting....

*He sees Miss Fire alone in the bleachers and walks over*

Twin Suns: Enjoying the fight?

Fire: *glances up blankly* Oh the fight... yes... It's good.... and you are?

Twin Suns: Twin Suns' the name

*Looks over at Galv and the the enchilada man*

Twin: Hey it looks like that guy is.... O MY GOD!!!

*All the fighters glance over at Galv and the Enchilada man, the only sound that is heard is the trickling of the liquid into the cup*

Ares: What the hell do you think this place is a giant urinal?

Galv: *Realizes the akwardness of the situation* O God sorry guys, it's just lemonade see *drinks some* O **** I forgot I part machine!! 

*Galv starts sparking and emiting strange noises from within, and suddenly his head shots off and falls into the pit of snakes*

Galv: Snakes.... I hate snakes....

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