In NeS1 Post 53, Enchilada Man meets his favourite actor, Bob Hope, but when he asks for his autograph, the actor apologises and leaves in a car - apparently late for a meeting. Enchilada Man rejoins Miss Fire instead and gives her the lemonade.


*On his way back, Enchilada Man bumps into a man in a lawn chair, who is also watching the fight.*

*He immediately recognizes him as Bob Hope[Ext 1], his favorite actor. Maybe it was the chin he recognized, or the nose, or perhaps the fact that BOB HOPE was written in huge lettering on the lawn chair.*

*Anyway, Enchilada Man got exited*

Enchilada Man: May I have your autograph, Mr. Hope?

Bob Hope: Sorry, I'm late for a meeting.

*He immediately gets up, takes his chair and leaves the building. Enchilada Man watches the car drive off.*

Enchilada Man: Oh, well. to Miss Fire: Here's your lemonade.

Miss Fire: Thanks.

*They both sit back down and continue watching the fight, which has really picked up.*


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