In NeS1 Post 52 Miss Fire asks Enchilada Man if she could have a drink and he runs to Galvatron who opens his chest to reveal a line of fountain drinks. He gives Enchilada Man the lemonade.


*Back at the bleachers, Miss Fire is enjoying her enchiladas, but now is getting thirsty. She leans over to Enchilada Man.*

Miss Fire: Youch! This stuff is spicy! What kind of sauce do you use?

Enchilada Man: Fire sauce! Want some lemonade?

Miss Fire: Please.

*Enchilada Man runs over to Galvatron on the bleachers.*

Enchilada Man: You got lemonade in there?

*Galv opens up his chest which reveals a line of fountain drinks. He punches the one marked "Lemonade," and starts pouring some in a cup*

Galv: Sure do! Hey, that tickles!

*Enchilada pays him for two drinks and heads back towards Miss Fire.*

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