In NeS1 Post 51, Gebohq cries out for his mommy and Geb's Mom appears. She scolds both Gebohq and Rob X for fighting until Rob X eventually punts her out of the arena and Gebohq shrugs it off. They continue their fight.


*As Gebohq is getting beaten by Rob X, he thinks to himself how rusty he had gotten.*

Geb: "Mommy!"

*As soon as the words were uttered, Geb's mom stepped into the arena! She looked like what a mother of that species would look like, except unlike Gebohq, she wore an apron and had a clump of white hair on the top of her head. She walked to Rob X waving her dough roller.*

Geb's mom: "What are you doing picking on my son! You should be ashamed of yourself, starting fights. You big bully..."

*Rob X was powerless against such a person. All he could do was tune it out and reply as best as he could.*

Rob X: "...Yes Geb's mom...I'm sorry Geb's mom...your right, I shouldn't of done that..."

*But as the onslaught of words came on from Geb's mother, even Gebohq was starting to get annoyed.*

Geb: "Awww maw! We were just playing around."

*now Geb's mom was turned to Gebohq.*

Geb's mom: "You know better young man than to get into a fight. I raised you up to be a good boy."

Geb: "Help!"

*Rob X then kicks Geb's mom promptly out of the arena.*

Rob X: "I'm sorry, but she was getting on my nerves."

Gebohq: "Life goes on."

*Gebohq then falls to the ground and kicks Rob X into the air, then executes a roundhouse kick as he falls. Rob X retaliates with some really neat looking kicks, but Gebohq grabs his leg in mid-kick and twists it, making him fall again.*

Rob X: "Hey! Lei[Ext 1] can't do that!"

Gebohq: (with a smirk on his face)"But I'm not Lei, am I?"

*Gebohq and Rob X continue to fight, the crowd being all too bored now by all such talk.*


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