In NeS1 Post 50 Rob X opts to battles against Gebohq in the arena, after Gebohq was tagged in by Ares in NeS1 Post 49. Rob X knocks Gebohq into a pit of snakes but he's able to use the force to jump out again. Unfortunately he's left vulnerable and is crushed by debris, so he calls for his mommy...


RobX looks around for someone to tag but no one has the power to face Geb.

RobX takes the classic stance of Jin Katazua[Ext 1]

Geb launches his first attack with a deep foward jump followed by a roundhouse sweep. 

RobX countered with a heel kick to gebs head.

Staggering backwards Geb falls into a pit filled with snakes.

Using his force powers Geb jumps out of the hole and launches a fury of fists towards RobX. Geb focused his attacks towards RobX's midsection so a simple sweep was all it took to get Geb down on the ground.

RobX leaped high into the air and pulled a piece of debris and dropped it on Gebs stomach.



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