NeS1 Post 49 is the introduction of Enchilada Man who arrives in Ares' Colosseum looking to sell Mexican food to people in the bleachers. Miss Fire orders enchiladas from him and he decides to sit with her.


*A man with a sombrero on his head and holding a large bag on his side enters from the top of the bleachers and starts singing*

Enchilada Man: Enchiladas! Nice and Hot! Enchiladas! I got I got!

*Miss Fire puts down her lightsaber manuel and waves frantically at him and he slides down the rail to her, all the while still singing*

Enchilada Man: I've got an enchilada that's absolutely "bleh!" You want an enchilada that's positively "yeeeach?" Only a peso for chili con queso on the top of it. Hurry up and buy some "enchilada-yum-yums" then my song will quit.

*Miss Fire immediately hands him some money and takes several enchiladas, not just for the sake of the food, but also to shut him up. They both sit back down. Fire chews on her enchilada and pulls back out her magazine.*

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