After a brief Non-Story Note, NeS1 Post 45 sees the arrival of Morris the Cat into NeS. He steps through a blue-swirl and lands on Gebohq's head in the bleachers of Ares' Colosseum. He discovers Twin Suns' nachos and eats them, threatening to poop on Twin Suns' sneakers if he got in his way.


--------------NON STORY REPLY--------------

RobX:hhmppp will ares ever contune this??? Geb i think that u should enter the fight to keep it up.

--------------STORY REPLY--------------

Morris the cat: hmmp where is robert, he said he would feed me when he got home but hes been gone for days.

*morris sees a blueish swirl before him, with nothing better to do he walks into it.

Morris falls on Geb's head.

Geb: What the hell??? who let this fat hamster in???

Morris: Im not a hamster you fool, i am MORRIS THE SUPER EDITING WEB KITTY

Geb:Yeah whatever but you sure are fat.

Morris:tell me something i dont know, now wheres the food.

*morris snifs around and sees twin suns nachos and walks towards them.

Twin Suns:Awwwww crap, scat scat scat kitty.

Morris: shut yo mouth foo. these are my nachos now, now go away before i poo in your sneakers

Twin Suns walks away while Morris watches his owner RobX fighting Ares.

{ok ares get off your ass and contune this}

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