NeS1 Post 44 continues the competitive writimng of Bug the Writer and Arbiter the Writer with Arbiter the writing PowerPlaying actions that negate previous writing by Bug the Writer. Arbiter uses the force to dismantle the rocket launchers being used to attack him and then uses his superspeed to run around the arena killing the undead zombies.


*the ceiling tile APPEARS to hit Arbiter on the head, but, in fact, Arbiter was far away when the ceiling tile hit*

Arbiter: Since when do RPG's track?

*Arbiter focuses his mind. He dismantles and destroys all RPG launchers. No exceptions*

Arb: That should prevent any further ceiling damage or possible damage to myself.

*Arbiter takes off at tremendous speed. He speeds around the ring, lopping off the heads of the undead*

Arbiter: Any other smart stuff you wanna try?

*Arbiter flicks off his duel saber, flicks his wrist, turning the saber around once, and reattaches it to his belt hook*

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