In NeS1 Post 42, Arbiter must avoid the hundreds of tracking rockets fired at him by the undead in NeS1 Post 41. He uses his duel-saber to slay the undead with ease before blasting away those that remain with a beam of energy.


*Arbiter, moving faster than anyone's eyes can track, avoids all the rocket propelled grenades. Arbiter ignites his duel-saber, a soul-piercing fiery blue, and makes short work of all attacking undead*

Arbiter: Sure helps to be A Super Saiyen[Ext 1] Sith Lord[Ext 2] when you're dealing with those undead.

*Arbiter extends his hand again, and again a blue-white beam engulfs his attackers. All are instantly vaporized*

Arbiter: Be this a lesson to all that would oppose me.


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