In NeS1 Post 40, Arbiter uses his powers to obliterate a bunch of undead zombies trying to eat popcorn and then takes out a sniper rifle to shoot them in their heads.


Arbiter: The undead bore me. Resident Evil 3[Ext 1] is better than watching them try to eat popcorn.

*Arbiter raises a hand towards the group of the undead. Suddenly, a large blue-white beam engulfs the group and they are distintegrated in a matter of seconds*

Arbiter: Hmm, this is better than listening to music.  *arbiter puts down cd player and headphones*

Arbiter: target practice time.

*arbiter takes out a sniper rifle from under his cloak. He levitates an undead to a cliff 100 meters away, takes aim, and the undead's head explodes like an overripe watermelon smacking pavement*


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