Zuljin, a minor Character, makes a return in NeS1 Post 3 after willing himself out of existence during NeS1 Post 1 in order to break a time-loop inflicted by the actions of Cygnus X. When Zuljin returns to Ares' Colosseum he finds Rob X under attack from sentient leftovers. He slices the blobby leftovers into pieces, but the leftovers each retains the will to live and he winds up overwhelmed by thousands of them until he causes a massive explosion in the colosseum that returns in him being fatally wounded under a hotdog cart.


After willing himself out of existence, Zuljin becomes an omnipotent being, knowing and seeing all, but unable to interfere (now that's how you do omnipotence). Angered by this, he decided to will himself back into existence and to watch this spectacle that was before him.

Being stepped on really pissed the blob off, causing it to go into a blind rage, attacking RobX into submission.

Zuljin: I'll help you, Rob!


Zuljin steps in and ignites his lightsaber, casting an eerie black glow over the blob and his victim.

Zuljin: Hatcha! Got you now!

With the flick of a rist, Zuljin slices into the blob's body, severing it into two. The two blobs then decided to split up and attacked both Zuljin and RobX. Slicing every one of them up as they came, Zuljin soon had thousands of tiny blobs attacking him. He decides to use force destruction[Ext 1] to rid himself of these pests.


Everything in that arena was scattered about and bodies were everywhere, and Zuljin found himself pinned down underneath a hotdog cart, nearly lifeless and unable to move...


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