In NeS1 Post 39 Gebohq and Arbiter are joined in the bleachers by the cast of Characters from another Story on the Massassi Temple forum. Arbiter tells Gebohq this is a cheap cross-over stunt.


*All of a sudden, Gebohq realizes that the entire cast from Merlin's story "Saga of the 3rd War" was seated with him to watch the fight. The Dark Wizards cheered loudly for Ares, a couple of undead futily attepted to eat popcorn to find out that their bodies could not consume it, Ji'tory and Reyuan were flirting with each other, among many other things did the others do also.*

Gebohq: "Ack! What are they doing here?"

Arbiter: "I think its one of those cheep "bring two stories together[Ext 1]" like the Jetsons[Ext 2] meets the Flinstones[Ext 3]."

*Will this story be succumbed by such a cheap plot? Will Arbiter ever stop listening to music? Will the actual fight ever be mentioned again? Tune in next time!*


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