Arbiter, in NeS1 Post 37, is found listening to music by Gebohq Simon and Bug. They expected him to listen to rock music but it turns out he's listening to classical music.


Geb: "So Arbiter, what are you listening to?"

Arbi: "The classics"

Gebohq: "Led Zepplin[Ext 1]?"

Arbi: "Beethoven[Ext 2]."

Bug: "BEETHOVEN? What kind of a sith listens to classical?"

Arbi: (sits up erect): "An intelligent one, unlike you. I have my Ph.D. in English spelling and a master's in Jedi ass-whooping."

*Arbiter then hums to Beethoven's 5th symphony, which strangely fit adequetley with Rob X's head being pummeled to the ground.*


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