Arbiter wooshes to the bleachers of Ares' Colosseum in NeS1 Post 36 and decides to listen to music while he watches the match between Ares and Rob X.


*small whooshing is heard in the distance*

Geb: WTF is That?

*gebohq turns to his left and there is Arbiter- Super Saiyen[Ext 1] Sith Lord[Ext 2]!!!

Arb: Hey guys. Heard there was a fight in town, thought I would stop by. Who's winning?

*Arbiter looks at the arena where RobX and Ares are fighting*

Arb: looks to be a good match. *pulls out Sith Sony[Ext 3] CD Player* Nice to have tunes while at a good fight, eh?

*arbiter puts on headphones and starts jammin to da musik.*


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