With NeS1 Post 34 comes the Minor Character Space Orca who brandishes his own style of Beam Sword, coloured sea blue. He comes to the arena and finds Galvatron with a bunch of Pokémon. Galvatron's Pokémon attack Space Orca, but he cuts them down. The last Pokémon are too strong for Space Orca's force powers so he uses the magic that he learnt from Merlin to make the Pokémon appear on Galvatron's head and explode.


*Lightning crackles through the arena, and out of a portal steps Space Orca, his black and while cloak flowing behind him. Orca's sea blue saber is ignited, casting a dark shadow along the ground in front of him.*

Orca- Well well well, what have we got here?

RobX(Busy dueling)-Mphh, a fight.

Orca-Hmmm... I wonder what to do... 

Man-Get all your food here!

*As Orca truns to face the man he notices Galvatron releasing Pokemon[Ext 1].*

Orca-HAHAHA! Another stupid bunch of Pokemon! You know I've defeated you and your minions before, Galv, so back off.

Galvatron-LOL! I won't surrender! Pokemon, swarm him!

*As the Pokemon swarm, Orca's lightsaber swings. Soon, pokemon pieces are all over the battlefield. Only Galv's superpokemon remains*

Galvatron-Use U;timate Attack!

Orca-This one appears to be force resistant. Good thing I learned a little magic in residence with Merlin! Adfasjk Kdfsd!

*The superpokemon winks out of existance, appears on galv's head, and then explodes.*

Galvatron-Ouch time!


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