Twin Suns, in NeS1 Post 33, protects his nachos from Ping_Me with a forcefield and then enters the arena. He's attacked by Rob X who mistakes him for Ares but they consolidate quickly and face off against the true Ares, who bursts from a lava pit.


*Looks around* Twin:"Hey where did everybody go?"

*sets down nachos, looks over at ping, uses the force to place a field around the nachos*


*Jumps into the arena* Twin:"Anybody here.......?"

*Suddenly Rob jumps out of nowhere and nearly slices off Twin's torso*

Twin:"Hey!!!, I'm on your side"

RobX:"Sorry thought you were Ares"

Suddenly Ares bursts out of the lava below pissed as ever*

Twin:"What the...."

Will the new combator help to bring Ares to his knees, or will he just get him and RobX killed.....

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