NeS1 Post 277 begins with Gebohq Simon and The Otter carrying on a pointless debate they started in NeS1 Post 274. MaybeChild becomes exasperated with them but her comments only begin a new argument between the two men. The group reach Stonehenge again but find that Totallyevil isn't there. She left a note on one of the stones informing them that she has gone to Disney World. In Disney World Totallyevil wants to ride Space Mountain so her father, Dr Evil, has concocted an elaborate scheme, using cyber-pidgeons, to scare away the other tourists. Farr believes they should do something more useful but Dr Evil shushes him. Elsewhere at Disney World, Merlin arrives (though this would turn out to be DarkSide in disguise in NeS1 Post 301).


Geb:'s not a matter of where it grips it! It's a matter of pig/sword ratio! If the wielder of the Porkus Malorkis is more pig than human before wielding it, then naturally, the sword's pig-turning mechanism will backfire and turn itself into a pig.

Otter: Maybe all pigs are just worthy of wielding the sword--

*Terribly annoyed at the pointless debate, Maybe breaks in, swinging the Malorkis carelessly in front of them.*

Maybe: Look here, pigs can't wield swords! Don't you understand that?

*Several moments of silence followed, when the two began debating once again. Maybechild sighed, and after many days, the heroes finally reach abck to Stonehedge. On one of the big rocks, they find a note. Antestarr peels the Post-it note off the rock. It read:

"Got bored waiting. We're at Disney World if you want us." --The Evil family and Farr

Sem: I bet the kids are gonna love 'em. Come on, let's get a move on it.

*Meanwhile, in Disney World...*

Totally: But dad! I wanna ride Space Mountain!

Dr. Evil: Now now sweet daughter, you'll get your chance once daddy scares off the others in line.

Farr: (in a typical evil-voice) Wouldn't it be easier if we actually tried something that we know would work?

Dr. Evil: Shh! We're using the fleet of cyber-pigeons and ridiculously slow-charging laser, and that's final!

Farr: Bu-

Dr.: Sh!

Farr: B-

Dr.: Sh-sh!

Farr: Totally, he-

Dr.: Sh! --Sh! That was a pre-emptive "sh". Just remember, I got a full bag a "sh" with your name on it.

*Elsewhere in Disney world...*

kid with mother: Look mommy! That guy in the grey robe is funny looking!

mother: Now now, don't bother the bearded man.

man: My name is Merlin, ma'am, and I suppose you don't know where the nearest magical swirl back to Sol would be, would ya?

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