In NeS1 Post 271 MaybeChild uses a small prayer book to turn Gebohq Simon back into a human, after turning into a pig in NeS1 Post 270 when he touched the Malorkis. MaybeChild is frustrated at being surrounded by idiot men and snatches the Malorkis from Gebohq to shout at the others. Only then does everyone realise she didn't turn into a pig, making her the worthy wielder of the Malorkis sword, which makes her giddy with elation.


Being the only woman and therefore the only one w/ enough brains in the group, Maybe rolls her eyes and mutters something from a small prayer book, which turns Geb back into a person. She then snatches the Malorkus away from the shocked paladin[Ext 1] and grumbles something about "typical men". Then she turs to the rest of the guys.

Maybe: "you guys keep this up and I'm gonna lead the friggin group. jeez, you might think we were actually ORGANIZED enough to have a leader..."

Sem: "Uh, Maybe, have you noticed anything?"

Maybe: "huh?"

Otter: "She didn't turn into a pig!"

Maybe: "oh..." suddenly becomes giddy "OH! GROOVY!"

Ante: "Uh-oh..."


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