In NeS1 Post 265, Krig the Viking doesn't understand who the stormtroopers are or why the other heroes appear to be typing into keyboards, as of NeS1 Post 264. He sees one of the Imperials walk into a wall before going into a berserker rage and hacks at him. Nothing happens, much to Krig's surprise. Semievil is horrified as it appears the cause is bad lag.


Krig stared at the big guys in white armour, and the large, moving ostriches made of metal. He looked at the others typeing things into keyboards. He looked at his axe because it was so pretty. He then looked at the guys in white armour again, and noticed that one was futily trying to walk through a wall. Then Krig snapped. Drawing on the insane powers of the Berserker rage, Krig charged forward, brandishing his axe. He hacked a guy in white armour's head three times. Nothing happened. Krig looked around in bewilderment.

"Oh, no! " Gasped Sem. "The worst weapon of all! Bad Lag[Ext 1]!"


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