In NeS1 Post 256 the heroes were threatened by an arch devil but in NeS1 Post 260, The Otter remembers his powers and casts the demon through a vortex. When Antestarr gets annoyed that Otter doesn't know where he sent the demon, Otter suggests Antestarr goes through the vortex to find out. Antestarr, naturally, declines. It turns out that the arch devil appears in Canada during a Canadian Parliamentary meeting. As soon as he arrives he burns the representative of Québec, which grants the demon a standing ovation from the other representatives of the house.


*As everyone stands there frightened Otter gets an idear*

Otter:"Oh yeah I forgot."

*Otter waves his hands around and sends the demon through a vortex*

¤Everyone sighs in relief¤

Maybe:"Uh..Otter? Where exactly DID you send the demon?"

Otter:" tell ya the truth I don't really know..."

Ante:"Oh well thats just fuqing great! You don't even know WHERE you teleport people! What the heck are you gonna do next tel--"

Otter(w/ an evil grin):"Would like to find out WHERE he went, Ante?"(points to still open vortex)

Ante :o "Uh...hehe...thats Uh, quite alright."

Otter:"Alright then. Lets leave it @ that then."(closes vortex)

¤Flash to a Canadian Parliement hearing¤

Head Barrister:"Would the real gentleman from Saskatchewan[Ext 1] please stand up, please stand up."

Head Barrister(to himself):"They really need to fix that echo problem."

Man from Saskatchewan:"Yes, thank you sir. I would like to bring to attention line 47 of paragraph 8 of the Candian Constitution which states that under certain conditions a Canadian citizen can hunt beaver during the mon--"(interrupted by giggling)

Man from Saskatchewan(angrily):"Prince Edward Island[Ext 2]! New Brunswick[Ext 3]! What seems to be so funny?"

*Man from PEI and man from New Brunswick look @ each other and start to giggle again*

Man from Saskatchewan(even angrier):"Well?! What is it?"

Man from PEI:"Its just that you uh said,(man from New Brunswick starts to laugh again)...'beaver'.

*Whole Parliement starts to roar in laughter except for the angry man from Saskatchewan and the man from Quebec that accidentally left his ear translator @ home*

Man from Quebec:"Quá? Je c'est con bleu? Saque pon le bute!"

*Suddenly a vortex appears on the floor and the demon is thrown out of it*

Man from Quebec(stands up):"Je se con le 'BEAVER'!"(and starts to laugh histerically)

*Demon cocks his head @ the man from Quebec, points his finger @ him, instantly exploding him in a flame of fire*

¤Everyone in Parliement starts to clap¤

*Smiling Head Barrister takes off wig and places it on demon's head, demon looks around and grins*


Britt's Commentary

"The echo of 'please stand up' refers to the Eminem[Ext 4] track The Real Slim Shady[Ext 5]. The applause given at the death of the man from Québec is a reference to the general animosity between Québec[Ext 6] and the rest of Canada." ~ Britt the Writer


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