NeS1 Post 256 sees Semievil realise there is a tome back up the hill he could use to remove the rock transformation spell he cast on the heroes in NeS1 Post 247. Unfortunately they are rolling down hill and unable to get back. In his anger he invokes many dark and demonic beings appear around the heroes. Thinking they are safe as rocks, the spell suddenly wears off and they are revealed. Semievil is able to control the fire elementals he summoned, who destroy most of the lesser demons, but the arch devil obliterated the fire elementals in a moment.


Sem: "Wait, I know! I just need to get to that tome......."

Otter: "Bad news Sem..... Rocks move DOWNhill.... like we just rolled..... the tome is up at the TOP of the hill."

Sem begins cursing randomly, invoking every evil god known, and in the process conjures 13 demons, 27 fiends, 36 dervishes, 3 pit lords, an arch devil, and 54 fire elementals.......

Maybe, looking around at all these new arrivals: "Uhhmmmm Sem..... you know demons fiends and devils have a thing about clerics[Ext 1] and paladins[Ext 2] right? And you do remember that Geb is a paladin, and remember especially that I am a cleric right?"

Sem: "................"

Maybe: "Sem?"

Sem: "Fuq."

Ante: "Well it could be worse, we all still look like rocks right?"

Just then the illusion spell wears off. Maybe smacks Ante in the back of the head.

Sem: "Fuq."

Otter: "I think whenever Sem says that word it's not a good thing is it?"

Ante: "Well look on the bright side of things.... Sem's got control of the elementals at least."

The elementals made short work of the demons and fiends, and had smashed all but one of the dervishes when the pit lords cracked thier whips and the arch devil gestured with it's scythe and the elementals' embers died.

Sem: "Fuq."


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