Having decided to quest for the Porkus Malorkis in NeS1 Post 254, in NeS1 Post 255 Gebohq Simon asked Semievil to turn everyone back into their normal selves after he turned them into rocks in NeS1 Post 247. Unfortunately Semievil forgot the spell so the heroes, as rocks, start to roll themselves down the dirt path.


Geb: Yes, let's go a-questin'. Sem, change us back, then we can be off!

Sem: Er....

Geb: What?

Sem: *looking sheepish* I forgot the spell.

Geb: Urgh...this is going to be difficult. Let's rock and roll!

Maybe: Oh man, Geb! Did you have to make such a bad joke?

Geb: What joke?

Maybe: *sigh* Nevermind.

*The companions slowly rock themselves until they start rolling in unison down a dirt path.*

Ante: *mubling* Remind me to kill Sem with the next ajckhammer we find...

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