After being forced to wear a wedding dress in NeS1 Post 253, in NeS1 Post 254 Krig runs away with a headache. Uncle Tusk is too drunk to be a threat and the heroes appear as boulders, so Totallyevil decides she will leave and try to conquer the world. Her father, Dr Evil, agrees to go with her, though he thinks his daughter is a boy. John Shaft wants to defeat the villains but they've already left and when the Narrator insults him, he vows to kill the Narrator instead and also leaves. Gebohq Simon suggests, with all distractions gone, they should quest for the legendary sword, the Porkus Malorkis.



Krig runs very slowly away from Totally, careful not to bump his head. Totally watches him in fury.

Whatsisname--Totally's henchman : "He's gradually getting away!"

Totally:"He'll be back. He's got to save the world yet."

Totally looks around at the mysterious boulders, and Uncle Tusk, who was dead drunk again.

Totally:" The do-gooders have left. I'm gonna go take over the world or something."

Totally and Sem's dad:" Oh, what the heck, I'll help you, son."

Totally: "I'm a girl, Dad."

Dr.Evil:"Sure, whatever."

Farr:"Hey, wait for me!"

Totally:"We haven't gone anywhere yet."


Shaft[Ext 1]:"I will use my ultimate force pow--er--free your min--er--I'm gonna kick you guyses buts!"

Unfortunately, Shaft speaks to empty air, as the dastardly trio has left, leaving him dumbfounded, and looking like an idiot!

Shaft: "Forget the bad guys, I got someone else to kill!"

Now, Shaft, you musn't act rashly!

Shaft: "Oh, yeah?"

You can't get me anyway, I'm dead!

Shaft:"I'll find a way. If it takes the rest of my life." (exit stage left)

Gebohq:"Now might be a good time to go a-questing for the legendary sword, Malorkushint hint)"

Otter:"Yes... overcome by sudden urge to quest... must quest..."

Will these unlikely heroes ever go questing? Or will they stay here forever, like a bunch of poorly disguised boulders? Tune in next post to find out!


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