In NeS1 Post 253 Krig has gotten so bored, after NeS1 Post 252, that Semievil (still as a rock from NeS1 Post 247) agrees to turn a random stone into beer. Krig and Uncle Tusk proceed to get drunk on beer and stoned on mushrooms until the late evening. They decide to approach Totallyevil who then uses her dark powers to change the two burly barbarians into wedding-dress wearing males complete with a lot of make-up.


Krig becomes so bored that he asks sem's rock to conjure up some beer. Suddenly a staff drops from the sky and strikes one of the boulders, causing it to emit a fountain of beer. Uncle Tusk joins in and soon night falls, along with Tusk and Krig who are too smashed to even sit up. In the morning the ground is coverd in small, white mushrooms, which they gather quickly and the rest evaporate. Thus smashed, they approach Totally, who draws up a deep black cloud around them. When the cloud lifts, Krig and Tusk are standing in full wedding dresses, veils and all, wearing enough make-up for 20 people.

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