Galvatron returns to the arena wielding a new weapon, which turns out to be a Pokéball. From the Pokéball emerges a Porygon. Porygon initiates a seizure-inducing attack against Ares, after which everyone decides to leave while Ares lies on the floor.


Galv: Ok I'm back.. with a new weapon!

Rob: *Tags Galv in* Your turn...

Galv: allrighty.. POKEBALL[Ext 1] GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

*A Porygon[Ext 2] pops out*

Ares: A Pokemon[Ext 3]?

Galv: yep, but not just any pokemon, This is Porygon...

Ares: Porygon.. why does that sound firmilar...

Galv: porygon use you Ultimate Attack!

*Porygon starts to make a Bright Red to Blue To Red Flash effect for 5 seconds...*

Ares; Oh no....

*Ares starts to have Convultions and passes out*

Robx: WTF! One blow and Hes down!

Galv: Thats my little Pokemon... Now come on guys lets get the Hell out of here!

*Everyone leaves.. except for poor ares... who is left on the ground in a coma*


Britt's Commentary

"This post refers to the use of Porygon from the Pokémon[Ext 4] franchise and, specifically, Dennō Senshi Porygon[Ext 5], an episode of the Pokémon TV Show[Ext 6] that caused children all over Japan to experience seizures." - Britt the Writer


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