In NeS1 Post 244 the heroes of the Story are battling the evil forces of Totallyevil. Krig the Viking, however, leaps at Gebohq Simon instead and tries to eat his magical shield. When Gebohq finally gets Krig off of the shield he is knocked unconscious by Totallyevil. Uncle Tusk, who thinks Gebohq just died, goes into a rage and rushes to battle to avenge Gebohq's imagined death. A moment later, everyone else, except Tusk, also falls unconscious due to either a magical spell or Krig's bad armpit odour.


Krig, standing calmly in the middle of a raging battle, suddenly smiles. His left eye twitches, and he explodes into action! With a feral growl, he launches himself at Geb, and starts gnawing on his heroic looking shield! Geb tries to shake him off, but to no avail!

"Hey, um, you! Little Viking Dude! What are you doing?" Geb continues to try to shake Krig off.

Krig stops gnawing on the shield, and climbs to the ground. "Krig sorry. Geb shield look tasty."

Just then, Totallyevil bonks Geb on the back of the head with some kind of magicky thing. He falls unconcious.


Uncle Tusk, thinking that Geb is dead, charges into the battle to avenge Geb's death.

Just then, everybody but Uncle Tusk falls to the ground, unconcious from some kinda unconcious type spell. Or possibly Krig's armpit smell.

Will our heroes wake up in time to save themselves? Or will they be captured and put in some type of dungeon? Will they ever go on a big Quest for the mighty and mythical sword, Malorkus? Will I ever shut up? No, I don't think so!

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