In NeS1 Post 243 Farr is winning in his battle with The Otter. Totallyevil has summoned various creatures to fight against Gebohq and Semievil, but the two heroes have been doing well against the odds but Uncle Tusk has been doing nothing. The three of them have become poisoned and Semievil eventually falls to the ground and Gebohq's special breastplate is reduced to ash at the touch of an evil skeleton. In NeS1 Post 242 Maybelle Child had killed Wolf but now Totallyevil uses her Necromancer powers to raise his body from the dead. Semievil manages to tell MaybeChild to bless the resting place of all the dead else Totallyevil will raise them again. Semievil commands the earth to bury Wolf into the ground just before he collapses.


While the battle with Farr appears to be going well,(It stands encircled, with throwingknives sticking out of the darkness, a lone thumbtack in it's back and various animals attacking it from all sides at Otter's control) Totally is taking a bit more of a pounding.

Geb is fighting a largish skeleton on his own, his Whoop-*** sword having only taken out a few minor carpals, and his shield beginning to give way.

Sem has allready sent 3 pets after totally, who dispatched them all. Tusk, frankly, isn't doing jack.

Meanwhile all 3 are poisoned, have developed fevers, and are having minor, periodic heart attacks, not to mention thier blood is being heated to dangerous levels.....

Maybe walks over, and Sem notices something out of the corner of his eye.

Sem, laying on the ground, rather weakly: "Maybe!"

Geb turns to see what's wrong, and the skeleton punches him directly in the breastplate, then falls apart, and turns to dust, because undead creatures really shouldn't touch holy paladin items.

Wolf has been risen from the dead.... well most of him.... there are a few parts missing.... and is now lumbering vengefully towards Maybe, who Geb runs in and shields from several kicks, while Sem orders the earth to bury Wolf.

Sem: "Maybe! Totally's a Necro[Ext 1]! You have to bless the graves or she'll raise them!"

Sem then goes delirious from the fever and starts periodically convulsing, and Geb starts to look not-so-good himself.......


Britt's Commentary

"Semievil refers to Totallyevil as a 'Necro[Ext 1]' meaning a Necromancer Character Class[Ext 2] from Dungeons & Dragons[Ext 3]. This is a running theme during the early stage of the Totallyevil (Story Arc) Story Arc wherein each character has been transformed into various D&D classes." ~ Britt the Writer.


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