In NeS1 Post 241 Gebohq stops Semievil from attacking the druids (named bards in this post) further as he believes it goes against the Geneva Convention. When Semievil asks why that matters, Antestarr reveals the real reason; it would be more interesting for them to be caught and put in danger. The Otter, however, was being treated like a god by the ewok-druids while the rest of the heroes get tied up and hung over firepits.


*At hearing the distress of...the long-named one, the other bards scamper towards the fighters and proceed to surround the group, poking then with sausages. Sem was about to disperse them when Gebohq spoke up.*

Geb: Don't Sem, it's unfair and against the Geneva code[Ext 1].

Sem: So?

Ante: What he's trying to say is it'll be a lot more interesting if we let the bards take our stuff and stick us in a difficult predicament.

Sem: Damn. Hey, why isn't theOtter getting tied up like the rest of us?

Maybe: Cuz they see him as the great Otter-Bard god. If that isn't a sign that the world is coming to an end, I don't know what is.

*Meanwhile, the bards (who look suspiciously like Ewoks[Ext 2]) tie all but theOtter over firepits.*

Will the next post succumb to using the bit from "Return of the Jedi[Ext 3]", or use some brilliant new twist? Haha, you have to read to find out, haha-ow! *Narrator slumps over*


Britt's Commentary

"Minor continuity error occurs here where the druids are renamed as bards." ~ Britt the Writer.


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