Still in the Redwood Forest, in NeS1 Post 239 Uncle Tusk and Krig the Viking leap into the arms of The Otter as they're being chased by the hungry Morris the Cat. Otter acts like a parent and expects the two barbarians to apologise for being mean to Morris earlier. Krig couldn't hold back as he thinks Morris looks good enough to eat and he leaps at the cat. Morris, however, opens his own mouth and chomps on the viking. Otter eventually convinces Morris to spit Krig back out again, leaving Krig in a pool of salvia on the ground.


*Uncle Tusk and Krig jump into the arms of Otter and tremble in fear from Morris, whom is still licking his lips and eyeing the fiendish duo*

Otter:"OK. Now Uncle Tusk and Krig what do you have to say to Morris?"

Tusk & Krig:"Uhh...we're sorry...

Krig(whilst biting his knuckle):"...that you have to look so yummy!"

¤and leaps @ Morris¤

*Morris just looks confused and when Krig lunges @ him, he just swallows him whole*

¤everyone gasps in unison¤

Otter(w/ a shocked look on his face):"Uhh..Morris! buddy, pal! you don't want to eat Krig do you?"

*W/ Krig's foot still hanging out, Morris nods his head and smiles*

Otter(getting angry):"Aw, come on! Gnomes don't even taste good!"

*Krig prys open Morris' mouth*

Krig(even angrier):"IAM NOT A GNOME!"

*Morris again shuts his mouth*

Otter(fed up):"Augh! Come on, Morris! Drop it, drop it!"

*Morris looks @ Otter, rolls his eyes, and releases Krig*

Krig(panting and in a pool of saliva):"Its as hot as a b*tch in thar!"

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