In NeS1 Post 236 the heroes that are still cowering inside their bunker are getting bored and decide they need to get some games from the local Blockbuster for their Nintendo 64. When MaybeChild suggests fighting the villains outside instead, they just laugh at the very notion. When Otter suggests they pick up Killer Instinct 2, Antestarr declares that the game sucks. Uncle Tusk, despite being outside the bunker, ears those very words and flies into a rage. He smashes the metal bunker apart with his sword but is suddenly quelled when he spots a fellow barbarian; Krig the Viking. Krig informs Uncle Tusk that he wants to eat a cat and Tusk, who hates cats, declares they're going to be the best of friends and they leave the bunker. In their stead the three villains leer in through the new hole with menacing grins and the heroes start to pray.


(NSP: Yay! Krig jumped in! Anywhos, on with da story...)

*Inside the bunker, the fighters start to get bored. After all, they only have Battleship[Ext 1], Risk[Ext 2], and some cardgames. They had a TV with no cable and an N64[Ext 3], with no games.*

Otter: Hey, how late does Blockbuster[Ext 4] stay open to?

Sem: 2 in teh morning I think. What time is it now?

Geb: *looking outside* It's half-past a big rock.

Sem: That was utterly NOT helpful...

Maybe: Did anyone ever think about fighting these creeps outside?

*Everyone looks at Maybechild, and then proceeds to laugh outloud.*

Ante: So, what should we get? I say it should be a fighting game...

Otter: How about Killer Instinct 2[Ext 5]?

Ante: Nah, that game sucks--

*As the word "sucks" was uttered, Uncle Tusk's ears regerstered them, and, with as much fury as having to see his cat again, leaped at hte bunker, bringing his sword down upon the roof and splitting it in half.*

Tusk: How DARE you call Killer Instinct 2 a BAD GAME! I will--hey, a fellow barbarian. I'm Uncle Tusk.

krig: Me Krig. Krig hungry. Krig want to eat furry cat.

Tusk: I'm thinking we'll be good friends, you and I...

*Tusk and Krig walk out the new opening in the bunker, and as they depart, teh dark three loom over the fighters within, smiling big evil grins. The fighters then proceed to pray like they never prayed before, and to as many gods as they can think of.*


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