In NeS1 Post 235 Semievil drags Antestarr back inside the bunker, after he attempted to fight Farr in NeS1 Post 233 and lost. Seeing the stranger, Krig the Viking, is about to be attacked by Wolf, The Otter transforms himself into a cheetah to rush out and save Krig. His leather armour is too stiff and tight so Semievil waters him down. Otter and Krig are injured by Wolf but manage to return to the bunker where MaybeChild heals them but Otter's armour gets stiff and dry again.


Sem reaches out quickly, yanks Ante back in and seals the door.

Sem: "fool"

Sem smacks Ante for opening the door.

Farr, noticing the newcomer: "Ohhhh... it's a little gnome!"

Krig staggers suddenly an falls to the ground writhing in a grip of severe agony as Farr walks up.

Krig: "Me...... not..........GNOME!!!!!!"

Krig slashes at Farr, but the blade gets stuck in the thick aura of darkness surrounding the creature.

Wolf meanwhile has been changing his arsenal, and is now wearing brass knuckles, turning his fists into incredible 5 damage, 1 delay(about 0.05 seconds) weapons.

Seeing that this possible new ally is about to be totally poulverized, the otter quickly turns himself into a cheetah, and makes ready to run and save Krig.

Otter....errr Cheetah: "Ouch.... this leather is stiff."

Sem conjures up some water and douses him, granting full range of motion.

The Cheetah rushes out, grabs Krig, and runs back, being hit by Wolf 17 times in the space of the 2 seconds it took him.

Turning back into human (or otter) form, he sits down to wait his turn as Maybe tends to the healing of Krig.

Otter, 20 mins later, having been healed, and now in a voice up 2 registers: "Sem, *squeak* I think the water is dried.....*squeak*...."

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