In NeS1 Post 234 Antestarr is beset is a series of useless help options from the 8-bit command console he is stuck with. From the shadows behind the villains emerges the indestructible Krig the Viking on the hunt for a new meal. When he sees Morris the Cat, he draws his axe with hunger.


CC[Ext 1]: Help command enabled. Enter one for help on moving. Enter two for help on attacking. Enter three for help on eating various forms of spinnach. Enter four...

Ante: Noooooo...

Meanwhile, behind the fiersome trio, a short figure has emerged from the shadows of a tree. Who could this be? Could it possibly be the indestructable Krig the Viking? Or is it someone else?

*Krig steps toward the trio of bad guys*

Krig: Krig hungry. Krig need food.

*Looks around for food, sees Morris the Cat*

Krig: Krig see food. Krig get food now.

*Krig draws his fiersome war-axe (which is as tall as he is, four feet) and walks toward Morris*

Krig: Here, kitty kitty kitty...


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