In NeS1 Post 233 Antestarr decides to tackle Farr outside of the bunker at Stonehenge. He initiates the new dark magic he acquired by switching personalities in NeS1 Post 229 but he then suddenly reverts back into the rogue and enters an 8-bit game mode where he has to input text commands to attack Farr. He quickly finds he is outmatched and calls for help.


*Antestarr stepped out of the bunker fed up with losing to TheOtter in Battleship[Ext 1].*

Antestarr: That's it! I challenge Farr to a duel!

*Antestarr's hands began to glow with the aura of powerful magic as he approached Farr in the center of Stonehenge. Farr continued to stare at him unimpressed. Just as he took a stance to fight, his alter-ego the Rogue[Ext 2] took over and the whole world changed before his eyes.*

Antestarr: What the...? My sight's gone 8-bit!

Command Console[Ext 3]: A Farr approacheth. The Farr gets the first strike. The Farr stares at you and laughs. Command?

Antestarr: Uh... Attack.

CC: Farr takes 0 damage. Farr has been poisoned. Farr takes poison damage. Farr gains 20 HP. Farr's attack. Farr speaks.

Farr: Puny fool. You are barely worth the effort.

CC: Command?

Antestarr: A little help here?


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